State response flag explanations

State response flag explanations


This article explains what different state response flags represent.


  • x – State cannot be refiled: This code is used for piggyback states. If the federal return is accepted and the state return rejected the state cannot be efiled again. As of the 2011 tax season the only piggyback state remaining is Hawaii, so other states should not have this response code.
  • a - Acknowledgement received: The state return has been received and acknowledged by the state.
  • d – Duplicate acknowledgement: The state has previously acknowledged the return.
  • f – Waiting on federal acknowledgement: The state has received the return and is waiting on acknowledgment of the federal return. This code is also only used for piggyback states.
  • p – Pending: The state has received the return and is processing it.
  • k – Refused: The state has refused the submission due to an error within the return.
  • b – State-only reject: The federal return has been accepted, but the state return has been rejected.

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