Printing TPG checks in tax software

Printing TPG checks in tax software

To print Refundo or Refund Advantage you must use the Bank’s software.


In the WIP screen click on the “Checks, Registers, and Activation”

Click on the “Check Inventory” tab.

If the check stock has not been added, then click on Activate.

The bank is TPG.  Add the beginning check number and ending check number of all the check stock.  Site ID is blank in most cases.  The check layout version is printed on the check.

Click ok

Click on the “Checks to Print” tab

Select one or more checks or select all.

Load check stock

Click on Print Checks

You can click on the Check Register tab to see the checks you just printed.

Transmit to send check information to the portal, central site.

Follow the steps to print the checks.