How to backup returns in the program

How to backup returns in the program


This article demonstrates how to backup returns in the program. The regular backup of returns is essential to avoid loss of information in the event of hardware failure. In the program returns can be backed up using the Backup Returns feature.


Part 1 – Enable the backup feature:

  1. Log into the program as a user with administrator rights.
  2. From the top menu, select Setup->Office Setup. The Application Settings window will open.
  3. Click the Defaults tab.
  4. In the Backup section, select the Enable Backup check box.
  5. In the Backup Path field, either enter the path to which to save the backup file, or click the click the Browse button and specify a directory to use.
  6. Click OK to return to the Work in Progress Summary.
  7. On the toolbar, click the Lookup button. The Lookup screen will open.
  8. On the toolbar, click the WIP button to return to the Work In Progress Summary.
The Backup Return option will now be enabled.

Part 2 – Backup returns:

  1. On the Work in Progress Summary, click the Backup Returns option. The Backup Returns window will open.
  2. Click Full Backup. The Full Backup Selection window will open.
  3. Select the items to be backed up by selecting the appropriate check boxes. Note: To back up tax returns, the minimum options that need to be selected are Tax Returns and PDF Documents.
  4. Click OK to back up the selected items.
The backup file will be created in the directory specified in part 1, step 5.

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